My Silver Linings

There is a place in between, Where I stand again, Uncertain and uneasy, Reluctantly wanting, Impatiently waiting, Courageously fearing, Numbly floating, Trusting but doubting, Stumbling but walking, Wishing the clouds … Continue reading

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Your Peaceful Stay

I made my way, Through hopeless days, Wishing for you, In thousands ways, Your love made me drown, My love gave you crown, When I asked from you, I cried, … Continue reading

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It’s falling for me

Glittering lights at the far end glares at me with the motion; Stars in the dark night sparkles at me for the reason; Fragrance taking the route to me from … Continue reading

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At Sixteen…

I wish I could meet you then, when I fell for you at sixteen; When I imagined you to be mine; I wish there were no differences people have created … Continue reading

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I’m floating

There is space in time Where I m Floating; The crowd turning to blur; As I see them moving slow; The conversations became grey; And my expression became white; The … Continue reading

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Her Soul She Knows

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Love happened

It was all in my thoughts I had never seen How beautiful it was To see the love In all the new ways Out of all those Closures And Separations … Continue reading

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